Andy Fong

Grandmaster of Memory

Who Am I ?

A Grandmaster of Memory and a Memory Trainer

Andy Fong

@WMC 2014

A Memory Enthusiast

Ever since I became a Grandmaster of Memory at the World Memory Championships 2011, I've dedicated myself to memory training and competitions. I had become one of the four level 4 World Memory Championships Arbiters in 2014 and helped many of the Asian countries to host their national memory competitions.

I'm also a memory trainer. I've helped many people to improve their memory for study, work and day to day living.

My Work

Beside hosting memory championships, I'm also a full-time memory trainer.

Memory Trainer

I have designed different mnemonics device to help students with their studying.

Primary School Students
Secondary School Students
College Students

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Public Speaker

I have different seminars to promote the benefits of memory training. Topics include:

Memory Sports
Basic Mnemonics Devices

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Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in memory training.

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